Team Management Systems

Action Learning & Teamwork

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Action Learning & Teamwork

Author: Charles Margerison
Team Management Systems
ISBN: 0-9751203-7-9


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This booklet shows how the ideas on action learning, initiated by Dr Reg Revans, apply to teamwork. It gives you the chance to assess action and learning both in theory and practice. In particular, it identifies what you can do to use the ideas in your work and life.

Reg Revans said that if we seriously study what we do in work, and life, then we can dramatically improve:

  • Our career.
  • The job we do.
  • The way our organization works.
  • The service we give to clients and colleagues.
  • Our quality of life and relations with family and friends.
  • The understanding of ourself, and particularly in teamwork.

He invented the term action learning. It sounds simple. You take action and you learn, but there is a lot more to it than that. If you really want to improve your performance then the following pages can help.

Let's start with the main points from the life and work of Dr Reg Revans. These are based on my memories of him. Next, we shall look at the principles and ideas that can help you, in your life and work, to become a first class action learner.

Charles Margerison
July, 2004

Content Listing

  • Preface
  • Dr Reg Revans
    • Doyen of Action Learning
    • The Revans Way
    • Reg Revans and Action Learning Applications
    • His Style
    • His Beliefs
  • The Revans Way: The Key Areas
    • What is Action Learning?
    • The Purpose of Action Learning
  • The Revans Principles
  • Action Learning Processes
    • Action Learning and Linking
  • References
  • About the Author
  • About Team Management Systems
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