Team Management Systems

E-Accreditation Series: Window on Work Values

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E-Accreditation Series: Window on Work Values

Module Overview


The E-Accreditation: Window on Work Values module is an internationally recognized and flexible alternative that offers for the first time the opportunity to develop mastery in the conceptual frameworks and practical applications of the Window on Work Values Profile and the Organizational Values Profile through online E-Accreditation.

The overall goal of this E-Accreditation module is for you to be able to use the Team Management Systems (TMS) language, models and the Window on Work Values Profile and Organizational Values Profile with individuals and teams in order to facilitate understanding, stimulate constructive discussion and develop useful action plans. In doing this you will be able to help improve their performance by enhancing the ways in which people work together.

You will also receive the following resources to further facilitate both the learning process and the application of the Types of Work Profile and Team Performance Profile:

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The Benefits

  • Complete the program in your own home or office - no loss of time through travel
  • Choose a cost-effective method of gaining access to the Team Management Systems (TMS) Profile technology and knowledge-base
  • Work through the module at your own pace - no need to block several days out of your busy schedule
  • Tailor and follow your preferred learning style within our integrated media and resources to reinforce learning
  • Access on-demand technical and content assistance through the personalized E-Coach online learner support system
  • Gain a practical and real-world understanding of how you can use the TMS tools to help clients and colleagues achieve business objectives
  • Join our worldwide network of over 20,000 human resource professionals who have used the Margerison-McCann Team Management Systems Profiles to enhance business performance of more than one million people
  • Gain access to our Communities of Practice which provide ongoing quality service and support and keep you up-to-date with the full range of TMS products and events

Who Should Take This Module


Team Management Systems accreditation is required to access and work with the Team Management Systems assessments. This module will be of benefit to anyone who wants to support individuals, teams and organizations to effect positive, lasting change and achieve higher performance in the workplace.

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