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Team Management Systems Session Designs: Linking Skills Profiles 2.0

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Team Management Systems Session Designs: Linking Skills Profiles

Editors: D.J. McCann & N.H.S. Mead
Team Management Systems
ISBN: 978-0-9803905-3-7


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Team Management Systems (TMS) has an international reputation for its work-based feedback Profiles, models and concepts. More than 8000 network members are accredited worldwide to use TMS products, resulting in thousands of applications workshops being run each year. Our success lies in the performance improvement and ROI (return on investment) that comes from our range of applications focused on all aspects of teamwork. We have built an international track record of being the preferred approach when it comes to improving teams.

This collection of key session designs comes from experienced Team Management Systems network members and master trainers. With contributors from Australia, England and Lebanon we are confident that this resource will become a key tool in planning and delivering workshops, courses and programs with the Linking Skills concepts and Profiles as their focus.

The volume is divided into core and applications-based designs. There are three Core Session Designs which give the basic structure for preparing participants to complete the profile questionnaires and show how to feed back the Profile in either one-on-one or group sessions.

There are over 20 Applications-based Designs covering specialist areas such as e-learning and executive team development to team dynamics and stakeholder management.

D.J. McCann & N.H.S. Mead, 2008, 2011


  • Chris Burton, (Team Management Systems, Australia)
  • Jayne Mallon, (Jayne Mallon Ltd, England)
  • Charles Margerison, (Team Management Systems)
  • Dick McCann, (Team Management Systems)
  • Stewart Mitchell, (Mitchell Consultancy Services, Australia)
  • Fay Niewiadomski, (International Consulting and Training Network (ICTN), Lebanon)
  • Clio Robertson, (Team Management Systems, Australia)
  • TMS Development International, England

Session Design Listings


Core Session Designs

Core session designs start with the process of completing the profile questionnaires and establishing the objectives and business drivers for the upcoming development workshop. Two further session designs cover a basic process for delivering Profile feedback in either one-on-one or group sessions.

Core session designs included in this volume are:

  • Introductory Session: Profile questionnaire and concepts
  • Group Feedback: Profiles and action-planning
  • Individual Feedback: Profiles and PLAPs

Applications-based Designs

Application-based designs apply the Linking Skills theory, Profile feedback and the Linking Leader Model to real issues facing individuals and teams. A particular highlight of this e-book is the first-time publication of half-1 day session designs specifically targeting skills development for each of the 13 Linking Skills. In addition to skills development, there are a wide range of applications from e-learning and executive team development to team dynamics and stakeholder management.

Application-based designs included in this volume are:

  • Skills Development: Active Listening
  • Skills Development: Communication
  • Skills Development: Problem-Solving and Counseling
  • Skills Development: Team Relationships
  • Skills Development: Participative Decision Making
  • Skills Development: Interface Management for team leaders
  • Skills Development: Interface Management for intact teams
  • Skills Development: Objectives Setting
  • Skills Development: Quality Standards
  • Skills Development: Work Allocation
  • Skills Development: Team Development
  • Skills Development: Delegation
  • Skills Development: Strategy
  • Skills Development: Motivation
  • Skills Development: People Linking Skills
  • Skills Development: Task Linking Skills
  • 360° Leadership: Active Listening and Communication
  • Executive Team Development
  • A Formula for Performance: Team Management Profile and Linking Leader Profile
  • Blended Learning and Action Coaching for Team Leadership Development
  • Developing Leaders using Action Learning
  • Developing Team Dynamics
  • Stakeholder Management
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