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Through many years of experience, we've found that most teams fail because they have no clear picture of where they are heading or how they will get there.

Successful teams need clear expectations and a common purpose. They need open communication and trust among team members. Individuals need to understand each other's differences and what each person brings to the team that adds value. And team members need the right level of skills in order to get the job done effectively, while being adequately rewarded for their efforts.

The Strategic Team Development Profile (STDP) uses the High-Energy Teams Model (HETM) to address eight fundamental areas that all teams need to resolve, in order to perform effectively. The Profile provides an accurate roadmap for the ongoing development of any team. It offers a quick, reliable snapshot of the issues that matter for the group and the priorities the team needs to address.

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Accreditation is required to use the Strategic Team Development Profile. Accreditation status can be achieved by either attending a public workshop in your area, by E-Accreditation, through an in-house workshop or a webinar accreditation. Each method allows you to be recognized worldwide as an accredited member of the Team Management Systems network.

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