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The testimonials following are related to both the training and products of Team Management Systems (TMS).

"The TMS instruments support workplace effectiveness in terms of team diversity and dynamics. Its toolsets support individual and group awareness and the development of high performance teams. Use of TMS tools helps you understand that diversity is more than what you see on the outside; it is also on the inside. A team is a mosaic of diverse people and preferences; in appreciating and in managing the team, one must see the strengths of the individuals in the team and appreciate balance of the composition of the team. Therein lies the artwork!"
Lynn Puhr
Sears, Roebuck and Co.

"The TMS Accreditation Workshop was very practical and equipped me with the information and confidence to be able to facilitate the Team Management Profile. So far I have found this tool to be great in assisting with team development, with staff gaining an insight into the different preferences and how best to pace team members, given where they sit on the Wheel. I have also been impressed by the on-going support TMS give their members, which is a terrific resource to tap into."
Stephanie Roberts
Training & Development Consultant
BT Financial Group

"Our consulting company helps senior people learn to manage processes and lead staff. The most valuable tool we've found that helps describe personal preferences and details the actual demands of a job, is the Types of Work Profile. Very user friendly, lots of long term benefit."
B J Mithen
pH (i) Pty Ltd

"The team training weekend is now complete and the afternoon session on the Team Management Profile was a great success. All members participated well during the workshop, and were most impressed with the accuracy of their Profiles. It is rare to find effective "after sales service", but I must admit, TMS excels in this area. Your personal follow-up calls after the course, and the quality production and delivery of the 43 Profiles are testimony to this. On behalf of the Metropolitan Funerals team, we extend our appreciation for the support and service TMS has provided us."
Michael Inglis
Training Manager Queensland
Metropolitan Funerals

"We have been using TMS Profiles in our organization for four years and we have found them very valuable for increasing the effectiveness of our work teams. We have used the Team Management Profile with over 500 employees, and now TMS terminology is part of our vocabulary when we set up new project teams"
Kevin Nash
Director, Employee Development
Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

"I have successfully used the Linking Skills Profile as a leadership development tool over the last 7 years. The 360 degree feedback which is based on observable behaviors makes it invaluable for identifying strengths and areas for improvement."
Peter Martini
Corporate Outdoor Training

"I have learned from the Team Management Wheel to appreciate diversity... that different styles and preferences can actually enhance what you are working to improve. By tolerating and appreciating these different styles, I more easily seek to understand others. From a business perspective, being able to relate to and understand individuals better helps me in my work."
Phil Owen
Human Resource Manager

"The QO2 TM is a powerful tool in helping team members understand others approach to risk taking and openness to new ideas. When selecting climbing partners the QO2 TM really comes to the fore especially when one climber has a 1.5 and his climbing buddy is a 5.4 as actually happened on the summit bid for Everest."
Bob Killip & Zac Zaharias
Everest Expedition 2001

"The TMS Accreditation Workshop was invaluable. Chris tailored the three-day one-on-one course to suit my needs and my learning style, and he paced my understanding of the topics very well. No chance to daydream though! I had to run my first workshop the day following my training. I felt very confident with the content and the presentation."
Fiona Tuohy
Associate Human Resource Manager
Johnson & Johnson Medical

"TMS provides instruments that help a person pilot through one's career journey. It raises awareness on work preferences serving as guiding lights in job realization. Also, the instruments permit better navigation through organizational turbulence and maybe a salutary change of course resulting in a happier landing on the organizational field."
Michel Marsan PhD
MBA Program Director
UQAT, Canada

"The Personal Team Management Profile is easy to use, easy to interpret, and has lasting value for our teams. Our team members and leaders USE IT to help solve real issues with teammates and key stakeholders."
Joan Guilkey
Senior OD Consultant
GlaxoSmithKline Inc.

"Over the past ten years I have used the Linking Skills Profile Questionnaire with middle and senior managers in a wide range of public sector organizations. The overwhelming response from those managers is that the Profile provides a wealth of practical and detailed feedback against which they can compare their self perceptions. Furthermore, it provides a great platform from which to open continuing discussions with their managers, peers and staff for their ongoing development as effective managers."
Paul Jones
Paul Jones & Associates

"I have seen teams benefit from the insights they get from the Team Management Profile over a 15 year period. Newly formed teams get a "kick start" and existing ones are able to pinpoint their strengths and missing elements in just one day or less."
Joan Davidson-Scheer,
Joan Davidson-Scheer Consulting

"I'd seen the Wheel used a few times in team development workshops and had been impressed with the resonance it had with participants, so unfolding the Model at the Accreditation Workshop really increased my respect for the rigor behind it. The facilitators, Stewart Mitchell and Ian Gillies, made the sessions fun and challenging and shared their considerable insights into the tools and their application. We're using the Model in team development and performance development and find a new respect for individual differences is emerging."
Joe Thorp
General Manager Workplace Development
Seeley International Pty Ltd

"Have you ever been working with a team or individual, maybe used some psychometric tools and your diagnosis or suggested strategy still seems unable to fully explain or manage why an individual can not rise to the challenge before them, or why a team is perhaps unable to let go of ineffective ways of doing things or alternatively, unable to learn from its mistakes. I have and having the QO2 TM in the kit has helped me in my diagnosis and my clients in their practice"
Barry Knights
Barry Knights Consulting

"The Team Management Profile Questionnaire provides a simple language, the business managers own language, to help a team talk about and so take action on the often 'soft' issues of building a stronger team. Many clients and their teams like data, hard data about 'soft issues', and the various instruments provide an easy way to do that. The TMS tools are connected together so you can help a leadership team in a variety of ways, according to the need, without having to introduce a new language and tools every time. For the non-clinical practitioner, TMS provides robust tools, with a solid research foundation that I can use with confidence with clients. I might not be able to do 'surgery' on personalities, but I can do fitness programs for individuals and teams which is mostly all that is required."
Chris Houston
Change Alliance

"The Influencing Skills Profile helps people to understand each other and provides triggers to help facilitate the relationship. I find that the areas covered provide people with an understanding of how to best communicate and build the relationship."
Colin Howe
Colin Howe Consulting

"I have found TMS to be one of the most customer-focused companies that I have worked with in many years. The support that has been afforded me has not changed over the years even though I no longer work for a major corporation - but rather am the CEO and principal trainer of my own company. As a professional development trainer I exclusively use and champion the Team Management Profile whenever and however possible. This Profile far exceeds what several other instruments provide and as my Coaching and Training business grows so will my use of the this developmental tool."
Cherryl Schley
Career Coach and Trainer
Hidden Treasures Coaching & Training LLC

"During the 4-day Accreditation Workshop I attended, the facilitators were excellent in delivering the information clearly and in a well-organized manner.  There was plenty of opportunity for sharing experiences, and also time for having a laugh!  I felt the four days were well-paced and there was always time to ask questions. Using the material provided at the TMS Workshop, I was able to facilitate the Team Roles session of my leadership program successfully, and the feedback from participants was very positive. Thanks to TMS for a very professional and stimulating workshop!"
Rosemary Wealthy
Manager, Leadership Development
People & Organisation
Ericsson Australia P/L

"While each of the TMS instruments provide great, practical information on their own, it is the system of instruments that really build into a lasting and value added source of data for my clients. Using a combination of the instruments provides a framework and language where a very broad range of organizational issues can be tackled."
Tom Gibbons
Pathways and Crossroads Consulting Inc.

"In our work of enhancing team performance, we have found the issue of diversity to be a critical hinge factor which will determine the long term success of a team. Diversity will either bring the team to its knees or be its greatest asset, depending on whether team members: a) understand, b) value, and c) manage their diversity. We have found the Team Management Profile to be the most powerful, yet user friendly tool in ensuring teams address these three critical issues successfully."
Ron Jungalwalla
Managing Director
Quest Group Australia P/L

"In my previous role, I was able to use the QO2 TM Profile to gain useful insights into the ways Sales and Customer Service Staff reacted to external influences, how they addressed challenging customers and noting the type of development needs they required. Feedback from staff who had been profiled was very positive; I look forward to using it in my compendium of tools to understand staff and look forward to using it again."
Menaka Cooke
Manager - Human Resources
Rockdale City Council

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