Team Management Systems

Worldwide Research

The value of human resource information and education based on comprehensive international research cannot be underestimated.

Dedication to team management research by Team Management Systems (TMS) prompted the establishment of a research arm called the Institute of Team Management Studies. The Institute of Team Management Studies (ITMS) has collected comprehensive research data on over 303,000 respondents from more than 190 countries worldwide in more 20 languages. A rigorous research program is undertaken at the Institute and the results of reliability, validity, and comparative studies are published regularly.

Team Management Systems Research Manual

Team Management Systems Research Manual

Launched in November 2010, Team Management Systems Research Manual: Fourth Edition brings for the first time the complete body of TMS research into one interactive and searchable resource. Each product has an Executive Summary and detailed papers on product development, reliability and validity, the Profiles and their interpretation, the latest worldwide database analysis, and translations. To highlight the work of the external researchers who have contributed over the years, both complete papers and summaries are available in the manual for joint and independent projects. There have also been 5 products that have undergone a review by the British Psychological Society and a summary of these is included.


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