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Leadership in Local Government: New manager program focuses on values in the workplace

By Lindy Amos
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For the new or aspiring managers, LGPro's Ignite Programme offers a fresh approach to management that promises practical solutions to the everyday issues of managers working in local government.

Launched by Victoria's peak body for local government professionals, the program has been an outstanding success with over 150 graduates now utilizing the new knowledge and skills they have gained from completing the program.

Knox City Council, Whitehorse City Council and Mildura Rural City Council are just some of the city councils that have embraced the Ignite program.

An important component of the LGPro Ignite Programme is the use of the Window on Work Values Profile, a psychometric instrument that provides personal feedback on the values that are important to individuals at work.

Self-awareness and self management is one of the best predictors of success. New managers who understand themselves and the impact of their behavior on others, are more likely to be able to lead and influence others with authenticity. This is where the Window on Work Values Profile adds so much value to the program. It uncovers data on how values drive the leader's behaviors and how this contributes significantly to workplace culture. Understanding the Window on Work Values results, helps detect and prevent potential values conflicts in the workplace.

The Window on Work Values concepts are introduced on the first and second day of the five day program, and it is positioned as a key focus to assist new leaders to uncover their unconscious behavioral motivators.

To receive their personal Window on Work Values Profile, the new manager completes a 64-item profile questionnaire to rate situations or activities at work that they value. The results are processed to give a hierarchy of importance arranged around the eight value types: Compliance, Empowerment, Conformity, Equality, Collectivism, Individualism, Independence and Authority.

When they receive their Profiles back, most are shocked at how accurate the report is. The participants report an increased awareness of how their values motivate them at work and they find the information in the feedback report, on how to work better with people who have differing values, to be insightful and practical.

The Profile also becomes a focus of the 'workplace chats' - a structured exercise where participants take their Window on Work Values Profile back to work and engage in a dialog with their managers about the results and the implications for them in their roles.

Other aspects of the LGPro Ignite Programme include one-on-one coaching sessions that reinforce learning on the job. This is coupled with a two-day residential component, plus three single day workshops. The workshops allow the new managers to network across the sector, meet and work over a five to six month period with colleagues at similar stages of their career, and to share successes and challenges.

The outcomes from the program have been very positive. The new managers report greater confidence in their role as a new leader and increased self-awareness. Having an understanding of what makes them tick as leaders provides a sound platform for ongoing professional development and people management.

Copyright © Collective Possibilities. All rights reserved.

Lindy Amos is the Director of Collective Possibilities. She is a highly motivated, creative and versatile group facilitator with 18 years experience in both community and organizational development. She has worked extensively in local government and public sector organizations as an internal consultant, trainer and change facilitator. For further information or to contact Lindy, please visit

For more information on the LGPro Ignite Programme, please contact Tony Matthews, Manager Professional Development, Local Government Professionals on 03 9686 3833 or visit

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