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The Team Management Profile: 'At-A-Glance'

By Jan Bearce
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Since 1996, B-TOPS has assessed various portions of their Team Management Profile Orientation Session. We collected the data for sessions conducted over the past 24 months to provide an overview of the 'TMP At-A-Glance'. We have conducted these sessions for 522 individuals, with an average class size of 22. One of the areas we ask the participants to assess is: "How well does the Team Management Profile describe you at work?".

This is asked toward the end of a 7-hour workshop to provide an opportunity to teach the underpinnings of the Team Management Profile (TMP), especially for those that have Split Wheels. While this assessment is unscientific, it has provided us great insight on how well the Team Management Profile is received, 'at-a-glance' on the first day of reading their Profiles.

The responses are based on a 1 - 10 scale:

Fits to a tee
My child filled it out and I'm clueless who I'm reading about.

We have never had anyone assess the Team Management Profile at a 4, 3, 2, or 1 since 1996, when we first presented the Team Management Profile to our clients. We have had a handful of individuals give the Team Management Profile a 12, 15 and in one case, a 20. These scores are not included in the averages below.

Overall, the scores of the Team Management Profile 'At-A-Glance' breakdown as follows:

At-A-Glance pie chart data


The results are impressive; with approximately 92% scoring at an 8 or above. This indicates a strong correlation of the Profile with the individual, thus enabling them a higher success rate in using the Team Management Profile on a long-term basis. Approximately 75% of the 6 and 7 scores have major Split Wheels. Over the course of a week or two after completing the Orientation Session, these individuals raise their assessment to an 8, 9, or 10 - after they have had the opportunity to review it at length.

As a sidenote, the one individual who gave the Team Management Profile a 5 admitted she was trying to complete the profile questionnaire as Oprah would; and then asked what Oprah scored. As facilitators, we try and never lose our sense of humor.

Copyright © B-TOPS. All rights reserved.

Jan Bearce is the CEO and founder of B-TOPS, Bearce Team and Organization Performance Solutions. Jan’s work spans over 30 years of program experience in strategic planning, leadership development, leadership coaching, teambuilding, process improvements, culture assessment and change, facilitation, and other areas of organization development, and project management. B-TOPS designs and implements programs for the military, government and commercial industries by incorporating a ‘top down/bottom up’ approach. Jan’s company uses both TMS assessments and experiential learning opportunities to help teams not only identify strengths, but discover those areas that need to be improved to make the organization more effective. Jan was a former CEO of Team Management Systems USA and is a TMS Master Trainer. "The foundation of our program designs is the suite of TMS assessments, particularly the TMP. The TMP is extraordinarily constructive for teams that have worked together for a long time, newly formed teams, or ad hoc teams that need to work together effectively in a short period of time." B-TOPS also uses the TMP in leadership course design by leveraging the individual preferences with the Linking Skills Profiles and the Team Performance Profile. Jan believes "that it is a privilege and honor to work with the clients we have and helping them discover effective leadership skills that help them succeed in their career journeys".

For more information contact Jan by e-mail: or visit

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