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Colored Meetings

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Colors of the Team Management Wheel

When sunlight is passed through a prism, the white light disperses into the colors of the spectrum: from red through orange, yellow, green and blue to violet. This physics theory was adapted to the Team Management Wheel, where the colors of the Wheel meet in the white 'linking' center. The team role preferences complement one another and together make a 'whole' team. Working and linking well together unites the colors into white light.

Margerison-McCann Team Management Wheel

Team Management Wheel

The Four Main Colors

Fresh Green

The beginning of life is a process of learning and gathering information. Green is the color of new growth in plants. Green was chosen to represent the areas of the Wheel which focus on new ideas and information.

Bright Yellow The yellow sun gives life to the earth and nourishes life in general. How much better we feel on a bright sunny day. Yellow was chosen to represent the 'promoting' aspects of teamwork.

Warm Red Red is the color of action, warmth, and emotions. The Organizing sector of the Wheel is where the action takes place and heat is generated from movement, hence the warm red color was chosen.

Deep Blue After the activity comes the cooling-off period. Blue is the color of cool, clear thinking which represents the control and detail of the Wheel, the period for reflection and checking that all the outcomes have been met. Deep blue is the color of the depths of the ocean.

Colored Meetings

The colors of the Team Management Wheel and the Team Management Systems (TMS) concepts can be used to run effective meetings. Often when teams have work preferences in one particular area of the Wheel, they tend to give other areas of the Wheel less attention, which can lead to problems.

Green Meetings

These meetings concentrate on gathering information and thinking about new ideas and new ways of doing things. These are not meetings for decisions; they are held purely to investigate the possibilities. Many people in the Advising and Exploring parts of the Wheel really enjoy green meetings. If a team consists of people with these work preferences only, then they have to make a concerted effort to make some action plans during the meeting and put them into place.

Yellow Meetings

Yellow meetings focus on promoting the ideas both within the organization and to external customers. Often to make a project work, teams have to sell their ideas to others in order to obtain the people and resources to carry them out. Communicating ideas is an important part of the team focus if it is to continually deliver what people want.

Red Meetings

Red meetings move into the developing and organizing of ideas. The development of ideas needs attention to ensure that practical products are delivered within the budget constraints. Ideas that end up costing too much or not delivering the expected outcome can waste time, money and effort.

Once the idea is fully developed then people and resources need to be organized to deliver results. People with preferences in the Organizing sector of the Wheel enjoy these meetings as they can make decisions and get some action going. Establishing goals and schedules will ensure that the outcomes are delivered.

Blue Meetings

These meetings focus on time to reflect on the progress and evaluate the processes used. This meeting can often be overlooked and teams who neglect the time needed to assess the project tend to miss the areas that could be improved. Taking time to check the details and audit the project will go a long way to keeping your customers satisfied and your team effective.

Copyright © Team Management Systems. All rights reserved.

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