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There are 3 ways to access and work with the Team Management Systems (TMS) assessments and feedback instruments.

1.  Become accredited

Team Management Systems accreditation is required to access and work with the Team Management Systems assessments and feedback instruments as a practitioner. Accreditation status can be achieved by either attending a public workshop in your area, through E-Accreditation or Webinars. Each method allows you to be recognized worldwide as an accredited member of the Team Management Systems network.

The Team Management Systems accreditation offers the opportunity to develop mastery in conceptual frameworks and practical applications of Team Management Systems assessments and feedback instruments. Testimonials relating to both the training and products of Team Management Systems are available online.

As an Accredited Network Member you gain access to Team Management Systems assessments and feedback instruments - in both paper and electronic format - through one of Team Management Systems Regional Processing Centers or by licensed Team Management Systems software. You also join an ever-growing network of human resource development professionals already working with Team Management Systems - unparalleled assessments with the customer service and support to help you enhance individual, team and organizational performance. Testimonials relating to both the training and products of Team Management Systems are available online.

In addition to public workshop, E-Accreditation and Webinars, Team Management Systems is also able to offer in-company accreditation workshops. Any combination of our TMS instruments is available and we can offer the flexibility of working within your busy schedule at your premises.

2.  Gain an introduction to TMS through Public Workshops, E-Learning or Webinars

Development & Specialist Workshops covering topics from leadership and supervisory skills to communication, introductory sessions and practice methods are available in many regions. These workshops provide unique access to the Team Management Systems (TMS) Profiles for personal, team and specialized development.

As experts in teamwork we specialize in E-Learning Solutions that deliver not just training but a true learning experience through a flexible and integrated media design. The Personal Development E-Learning Series can be used as a comprehensive stand-alone tool for individual/personal skills development or as a core component of relevant workshops while the Accreditation E-Learning Series is a flexible alternative to traditional public accreditation workshops. With online performance support available through our E-Coaches, interactive simulations using real-world case studies, games, ROI through evaluations and self-assessments, a personal Knowledge Center and 12-month review access to module content - you will be well equipped to empower change and development for both yourself and those in your team/organization.

Alternatively, you may like to join one of our free Discovery Webinars or free Network Member Webinars. Each webinar is designed for learning and development professionals looking for a new approach to developing individuals and teams.

3.  Have a TMS Practitioner Design & Deliver Your Workshop

By choosing a TMS practitioner to conduct your team and leadership development program, you can be confident of achieving quality outcomes, innovative workshop design and highly skilled facilitation. TMS and our network of expert practitioners are dedicated to delivering sustainable development programs based on research-proven feedback and assessments to ensure positive lasting change. Programs are available in e-learning, blended learning and interactive workshops. Further information can be obtained from your local office or distributor.

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